Olga, Chief editor

Olga, Chief editor

I love designing and I adore perfection in everything. Nothing may get me more frustrated than a broken pixel or a typo in the text. And here I am, in a perfect place for me as the chief editor of this new lovely blog.

QArea and The Summer Of 2016: What’s New, What’s Old And Was There A Revolution?

Olga, Chief editor - September 13, 2016
Summer 2016

It’s been a really hot summer for QArea, as we’ve managed to grow our business even further, won series of prestigious awards and all that happened while you were on vacation! Summer is one of the dullest periods in business. It matters little whether you are a successful Ukrainian Software Outsourcing Company or a real estate dealer in the Philippines. Unless you own a lemonade …

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iOS 10 + Siri: High Time to Make Her Listen and Perform

Olga, Chief editor - May 25, 2016
Apple's sexy version of Siri development for iOS

Innovations and tech advancements in iPhone app development have always been Apple’s mojo. Siri was first implemented in the iPhone 4 in 2011 (and it became its smoking hot selling point). It was an elite and insider’s experience for ’club members’ only. The experience of future, both desired and tingling. Though Siri hasn’t passed the Turing test (by the way, a boy from Odessa is …

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Home Library of UI-Designer: 5 Books for Your Evening Read

Olga, Chief editor - July 6, 2015
Books for designers

Intelligence . Try to move away from routine tasks while you are looking for an inspiration for new projects! Here I tried to pick up really useful and exciting books for UI-Designers. Well, let’s read and create! Steve Krug “Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability” I truly believe that without mastering the ideas expressed here, designers should not be allowed …

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Top 3 Choices You Want To Consider When Designing Travel Sites

Olga, Chief editor - June 1, 2015

Almost every designed has accepted the way of minimalism by now, but one industry still thirsts to remain cluttered and overweight – travel apps and websites are usually not what users expect and wish them to be. This is happening due travel websites must offer much in order to be of service and use, and minimalism is not (seemingly) the best approach here. Minimalism is …

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