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6 Innovative Design Trends for Android Apps in 2016

Maks, CTO - August 19, 2016
Innovative UI trends

A true artist dictates the trends. However, you don’t want some impressionism around your app’s UI. You want people to enjoy your solutions, right? There are, after all, various UI/UX trends and ideas that looked promising when introduced to the market. However, weak back-end or questionable development methods made many innovations impractical. That is exactly why smart businesses use existing and proven industry practices by …

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Banking Application Development: The Only Way to Appropriate Project Management

secure banking application development

Premium software is a must-have investment for modern commercial structures. It is very important for banks and other financial institutes to pay close attention to their management systems. Banking software development companies focus on creating secure software that follows international standards for the industry. Modern banks have multiple branches with each branch serving hundreds or even thousands of clients. Millions of interactions between a bank …

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15 Time-Saving Open Source Tools for Smooth iOS App Development

Alex, PR manager - June 16, 2016
Smooth iOS App development

Building an app sometimes feels like you are trying to sprint a marathon. So much work, so little time. Especially when you are an iOS developer – as then your product has to meet sky-high standards to be featured on the App Store. Stop being a jack-of-all-trades! You don’t have to. There is a plethora of frameworks, platforms, apps and all kind of services to …

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How to Create Oscar Winning Websites? Top 4 Academy Awards Tricks

Alex, PR manager - February 8, 2016

February 28 is coming up very soon. The battles between Bear-loving survivors and innovative billionaires have reached their finest. Who will win the Oscar this year? Will Leo break the internet at long last? Who knows? We are yet to see the endgame. However, there is one thing we are definitely experts at here – web design! You’d be surprised, but the same series of …

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The One Best Way to Sell and Market Your Solutions

Alla, client manager - August 11, 2015
Ferris wheel

Tim Cook states that their store includes more than 1.2 million applications. Add ones from the Play market and you will get a really sad picture. Your seemingly ultimate, supreme and useful solution ends up in a store with approximately 10K+ competing applications of the same niche and with seemingly exact value. And you know what? People have already downloaded some of those 10K apps. …

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Butterfly Effect in Web App Development

Butterfly effect

Small changes can make a huge difference! Numerous businesses had to delay software releases or even decline entire products because of unexpected crashes and failures in the code that took place after additional functionality was delivered and integrated into completed applications. If one looks beyond mere practices and methodologies of development he may truly realize that other laws can be applied to software as well. …

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Beginners Guide into Depth of AR Development

Maxim, AR Evangelist - July 27, 2015
Beginners guide

AR (Augmented Reality) applications and solutions are considered to be the next leap towards technological miracles of the future. Despite AR technologies were used for quite a while now they were considered as mere toys for too long. Before revolutionary headsets like MS Hololens were released, or advanced marketing campaigns from top players like Pepsi and Ikea were launched – these innovations remained hidden from …

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4 Breathtaking Examples of Excellent iOS App Design

Staicy, SEM manager - July 15, 2015

Apple people are doing a great job with designing their product. Every aspect of their branded merchandise from firmware and hardware and up to software looks simple, clean and intuitive however class has. Apple have dictated a new age of style within iOS application and have even influenced web, desktop and Android app design dramatically. But not everything that works on iOS is done by …

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