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Social media analytics tools: what is the value of insights?

Staicy, SEM manager - September 28, 2015
Analytics tools

It seems like everyone and their cat has social media life now and the amount of data available is huge and updates every second. Such big amount of valuable information requires proper approach to its leveraging. In fact, handling these ever flowing streams of data is a daunting task. However, it is a challenge which is worth accepting. If taken sensibly, the data can provide …

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Top 3 Elements You Probably Should Have Added Into Your Social Networks By Now

Staicy, SEM manager - August 26, 2015

Social Media really pushes business to skyrocketing sales, brand awareness and customer loyalty. Especially if custom-tailored social networks enter the stage. People love to share anything of even slightest value as long as this mentioned value reflects their nature. Smart business owners have already invested in creation of appropriate, targeted social networks and brilliantly exploit this desire. Nevertheless, once developed will not remain in trend …

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First Steps To Designing Addictive Social Networks

Staicy, SEM manager - May 12, 2015

Social networks, huh? A great choice indeed. Users love social media. Did you ever consider that if Facebook was a country it would be the most populated one in the world with 1.39 billion of users versus 1.36 people that are the population of China! That has to mean something, right? Why would you ever want a social network, considering the market is dominated and …

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Drive Social Media to Business Limits and Beyond!

Igor, Business analyst - April 17, 2015

Software development, as any other industry thirsts for proper usage of social media as a great tool of achieving numerous goals. What may a smart man gain from appropriate social media usage? Social media is your window to today’s world. Everybody is on it including your business partners, associates, potential candidates, friends and even competitors. Social media platforms do pay an enormous role in development …

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