What Does It Take For An Educational App To Be Successful?

Igor, Business analyst - April 14, 2015

Mobile app development has grown far beyond just games and social media. Mobile applications that are allowing people to study on the go gain tremendous popularity today, allowing vast mobility and rich educational functionality. There is probably an app for everything today and studies are not an exception. However, despite demand is constantly rising not all applications are equally great. People will be obviously choosing …

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E-Learning Apps: The Right Way of Treating Users

Igor, Business analyst - April 8, 2015

E-Learning applications are gaining tremendous popularity today because they are actually allowing all kinds of people to study whatever they want on the go. This functionality does seem truly amazing however how come some apps more popular than others are and why are there still enormous amounts of unfinished courses? The answer to both these questions is one: you do not value your student’s time …

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