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Top 3 Choices You Want To Consider When Designing Travel Sites

Olga, Chief editor - June 1, 2015

Almost every designed has accepted the way of minimalism by now, but one industry still thirsts to remain cluttered and overweight – travel apps and websites are usually not what users expect and wish them to be. This is happening due travel websites must offer much in order to be of service and use, and minimalism is not (seemingly) the best approach here. Minimalism is …

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3 Things to Pay Attention to In Your Global Travel App

Maks, CTO - April 28, 2015

So you are up to something big, right? An application that covers the entire globe, is multi-lingual, accurate and easily accessible is an app few companies and businesses may be proud to have. There are various reasons to this, but, primarily, development of such a solution is difficult as hell. It’s not impossible or unimaginable, it’s just really hard and non but true experts, even …

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All You Need To Know About GIS

Serge, Web developer - April 21, 2015

What is GIS? Before we consider implementing something inside a project we have to be sure on what it is exactly. In our case GIS or Geographic Information System is any specific computer system which grants you with the following functionality: Map creation Scenario visualization Information integration With GIS you may easily map, model or analyze large pieces of data inside one particular database that …

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